Looking for ways to personalize Ikea furniture?
The great thing about Ikea furniture is that it’s built with a basic design, giving you the perfect canvas to let your creativity shine through and make the most minimalistic pieces stand out. Let’s take a look at some interesting Ikea hacks that are super easy to implement that will help give your basic Ikea furniture a new life.
Consider getting decorative panels from O’verlays to create more interesting cabinets. These are lightweight panels with geometric fretwork that you can easily attach on top of your Ikea furniture, be it a simple bookcase or a pax door. All you need to do is stick them on and secure them in place with a brad.
You can choose from a variety of geometric patterns and customize them according to your preferences with minimal effort and time. O’verlays also gives you the option to choose your choice of thickness, depending on how defined you want the pattern to look.
The best thing about these furniture overlays for Ikea is that they come white and you can either use them as they are or paint them a different color to add your creative touch. It’s advisable to paint them before sticking them on a surface to avoid making a mess.

First choose your Ikea unit, then pick your pattern!
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