O’verlays on the Window


O’verlays on the Window

This is a custom design we did for a large plate glass window.

 Before, a big square.
The window happened to be perfectly square, so we made 4 panels that would connect to each other to create the “framed” pattern…
The panels were held in place with clear silicone adhesive.
The silicone works great because it remains flexible and you can easily remove the O’verlay if you ever wanted to. (Think super spring window cleaning.) The silicone can be scraped or peeled off the glass or O’verlay.
 They went up in less than 20 minutes, 
and scotch tape was used to keep them in place until they completely dried.

 Here is a glimpse from the outside.  
You can see the dabs of silicone used.  Not a big deal if it was on a higher level or not as trafficked an area.  To hide them a second set of panels will be added to the outside glass to mimic true divided light windows.  Since they are going outside we recommend painting with White Krylon Fusion first. 
 Unfortunately weather wasn’t permitting for that, 
but spring and warmer days are right around the corner.

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